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Atelier: Qui sommes-nous

My studio is located in the north of Berlin, near where I live, and I make there all the pieces presented in this store.

Plates, bowls, cups, dishes, and even vases and goblets, my ceramics are characterized by their purity and functionality. They come to embellish the moment of the meal, by envisaging the dish as an image that one must build and admire before tasting!

Turned or assembled by hand, all the pieces I produce are unique and keep the trace of the hand. This is my primary intention, which is to create living objects, sometimes imperfect and asymmetrical, but which live and resemble me.

In addition to all the objects that I sell on this site, I also work to order and can provide elements of dishes and tableware for individuals, caterers and restaurants.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any request of this type.

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